Global Snacking Co.

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A leading company in global snacking, international cereal and noodles, and North America frozen breakfast, with iconic, world-class brands and strong underlying growth momentum and profitability.

Global Snacking Co. Profile

With 2021 net sales of $11.4 billion*, Global Snacking Co. represents 80% of Kellogg Company’s portfolio. As an independent company, Global Snacking Co. will be able to focus investments and capital to build on its strong growth momentum and profitability. 

This business will be a higher-growth company than today’s Kellogg Company, featuring a more growth-oriented portfolio and aided by more focused resources and attention to brand building, innovation, and international expansion of world-class brands, and to building scale in emerging markets.

Kellogg Company’s three international regions will remain almost entirely intact, becoming part of Global Snacking Co.

Steve Cahillane will remain Chairman and Chief Executive officer of Global Snacking Co.

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~$11.4 B*

est. annual net sales


~$2 B*

est. adj. EBITDA

*All net sales and adjusted-basis EBITDA figures are based on the Company’s 2021 unaudited results derived from internal management reporting, further adjusted for splits by brands and markets, as well as preliminary cost and expense allocations, including corporate expenses; these figures will be refined prior to the transactions. Please refer to the reconciliations of adjusted-basis EBITDA, a non-GAAP financial measure, to reported operating profit in the press release about this announcement.

Our Brands


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International Cereal and Noodles

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Frozen Breakfast

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List of brands is meant to be indicative and not exhaustive.

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